Consulting Expert

Attorneys are experts at their profession; Lee M. Hoffman is an expert at his. With that combination, an attorney can provide their client with excellent representation.

Whether a case is about standards, practices, a controverted claim or other areas of insurance or risk, Lee M. Hoffman is an expert at helping attorneys evaluate and build their case.

Engaging an expert early to help evaluate a case and assist with discovery can save an attorney hours of time. This is when attorneys need to use a laser, not a shotgun. Without an intimate working knowledge of the insurance industry, an attorney may miss key case elements and subtle industry nuances during the discovery process.

Knowing what to look for, what to ask for and how to ask for it can save time and uncover critical elements that may bring the parties to the negotiating table long before the depositions are even taken.

Lee M. Hoffman & Associates, LLC, are insurance experts and have an intimate working knowledge of the insurance industry.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Standards & Practices (E&O)
  • Controverted (denied) claims and the claims process
  • Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Personal Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Insurance Agency computer systems (agency management systems)
  • Insurance Company online rating systems and how they underwrite, quote and issue online and in-house products