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Testifying Expert
What to look for in an expert? Some of the most desirable traits are years of industry experience, in depth industry knowledge, certifications, credentials, accomplishments and the ability to simplify complex issues...
Consulting Experts
From case evaluation and assistance with discovery to trial preparation and participation, an expert with extensive research experience and insurance industry knowledge can help an attorney build a case.
Controverted Claims
When a claim is controverted (denied) and the final judgment boils down to who has the best expert on custom and practice, hopefully he/she was the one YOU hired.
Standard of Care
The insurance transaction is based on mutual trust, fair dealings and a reasonable expectation that the insurance agents possess the requisite knowledge and skills necessary for their calling.
Contracts and Insurance
"Interoperability" of contract terms and conditions (e.g. leases, rentals, construction agreements) with property and casualty insurance policy terms and conditions is critical.
Enterprise Risk Consulting
Growth is a balancing act involving investments and the assumption of risk. The greater the understanding and management of risk, the greater the potential for successful growth.
The 831 (b)
Attorneys, CPA's and Financial Advisors now recognize the importance of the small insurance captive with the 831 (b) tax filing as a corporate and estate planning tool.

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