About Lee M Hoffman

Lee M. Hoffman & Associates, LLC is a consulting firm founded in 1997 by Lee M. Hoffman CIC LIC CPIA, to assist attorneys and counsel with matters related to insurance and risk. We work with trial lawyers, corporate attorneys and house counsel.

Even the most experienced attorneys find it difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing insurance climate. For litigators, practices and procedures based on terms and conditions of insurance policies as recent as last year may not be applicable today due to changes in insurance forms. For corporate attorneys, insurance and indemnification agreements created last week may be outdated today. This is how rapidly the insurance industry is changing.

Lee M. Hoffman & Associates, LLC can also work with house counsel, their CFOs, CROs and boards of directors on the management of current risk and the assumption of future risk. Services include current risk assessments, pre-risk assessment for mergers and acquisitions, and feasibility studies for the formation and management of captive insurance companies.

As an insurance agent for over forty years Lee M. Hoffman CIC LIC CPIA is an expert on matters related to insurance and risk including industry standards and practice, risk transfer and assumption, management of risk, captive formation, controverted claims, and the interoperability of insurance and contracts.

Lee M. Hoffman & Associates, LCC can provide assistance and professional expertise for attorneys so they can represent their clients’ insurance and risk related needs in the office, court room or board room.