Testifying Expert

What should attorneys look for in an insurance expert?

Years of industry experience, by itself, does not necessarily qualify one as an expert. However, when the experience is combined with all the other skills and traits, it lends greater credibility to the expert and an additional layer of comfort for the attorney and the client.

In-depth knowledge of the industry goes well beyond the selling of insurance products. It involves formal and self-education, experience in the management and ownership of insurance companies or agencies, interaction with members if the insurance community, and constant updating of knowledge and skills.

Certifications and credentials are verification that the experts have followed specific industry-recognized courses of study in order to advance their skills and knowledge of insurance and the insurance industry.

Accomplishments within the insurance industry, such as published articles, peer recognition, and business success are all factors to look for in an expert.

The ability to simplify complex insurance subjects is one of the most important skills an expert should possess. After all, if the message can’t be understood, what good is the expert?

Lee Hoffman writes opinions that are well prepared, clear, thorough, and precise. He has 43 years of insurance industry experience as a producer, agency owner, educator and consultant. His contacts within the industry include insurance practitioners, educators and consultants as well as attorneys, CPAs. MBAs and PhDs, all with expertise in the insurance industry.