Controverted Claims

There are thousands of insurance companies and what seems like an infinite number of insurance policy and endorsement combinations, but that doesn’t matter to those who are insured.

They expect their insurance company to cover their claim.

The reasons for controverted claims are as varied as the claims themselves. Insurance agent’s error or omission, insurance company misinterpretation of the claim facts, improper interpretation of policy conditions, failure of the underwriting department to properly endorse a policy, and adjuster error are just a few possibilities.

Insurance could very well be the most often entered yet least understood contract in the world. Retaining an expert with extensive knowledge of industry customs and practices and the experience to opine on point can help an attorney build a case.

Lee Hoffman, with over forty-three years of industry experience, has consulted on property & marine claims, all types of liability claims, worker’s compensation claims, auto/fleet claims, life insurance claims, and much more. He has a thorough understanding of insurance customs and practices and the claims process, and has the experience, knowledge and expertise to assist attorneys with their challenge of wrongfully denied claims or to provide support for properly controverted claims.